Things a man should not do

Schopenhauer divided human virtues into active and passive – valor and honor. That is what a person does and what does not. Therefore, today we will talk about what a real man should not do.

Far from the fact that not doing anything is more difficult than doing. Roughly speaking, all your exploits are worth nothing if you pick your nose.

So, a real man never …

A completely fundamental set of rules, without the fulfillment of which an individual cannot be considered even an inferior man.

Do not wear transparent clothes.

Do not offend women and children morally or physically

Do not hit another man’s foot in the groin (exception: a direct threat to life)

Not engaged in synchronized swimming

The following is a relatively easy-to-follow list of things that are better not to do, because … just better not to do.

Do not move in space with a female bag in hands

Do not wear clothes with a leopard pattern

Do not drink cocktails with paper umbrellas (exception: events unfold on the beach)

Do not appear on people in shorts and socks

Now a little about the prohibitions in relations with women.

Do not recognize the girl in love and does not promise to marry, only to drag her to bed

Do not afraid to inform the woman about the end of the relationship and do so in person

Never asks a friend “When are you already married?” In the presence of his girlfriend

Never dating ex-girlfriends of his friends

Do not tell the truth to another man about the appearance and character of his girlfriend

Do not appear with a mistress in the company of wives of friends and vice versa

This things man should not do when visiting society.

Do not laugh at other people’s feelings

Do not argue with the staff about the rules that they did not establish

Do not discuss the value of the gift with those to whom gave this gift

Do not gossip (that is, does not distribute unverified personal information about unfamiliar people)

Don’t get drunk until “have to quit”

The previous prohibitions are enough to fairly confidently consider yourself a real man. But still..

Do not promise what cannot fulfill

Do not cheat his wife

Do not compare itself with others

Do not brag

Do not complain

Yes, the list is very impressive, and some points seem to be simply impossible and, to some extent, even stupid. But if you try to adhere to at least half of these rules, no one will ever be able to blame you for not being a real man. And the girls will appreciate such a man 🙂

By Cindy
March 5, 2019

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