Run away from these women!(Part 2)


A beautiful hammer flight into your head this morning might not have happened if you suspected something was wrong after the first ten to fifteen stormy scenes. Nothing can be done, but there are women for whom love is passion, and passion is jealousy and struggle, when at night things are thrown out of the window, when she hits your face with a sweep, and run away into the night, and you catch up and grab the hair and then pleadings on knees, tears, roses and forgiveness. Every minute is sweet here, because only in such a heat of feelings does real life happen! Nothing can be done, biochemistry. The adrenaline rush really fascinates people. Italian passions in the family, even if both partners find taste in them, unfortunately, are very dangerous: shaking out each other’s soul, there is always the risk of going to hospital or jail. But even if the scenes are limited to a minimum of physical violence – this is still an exhausting event.

Not to be confused with … no, you can’t confuse such girl with anything.


Probably the most dangerous and most difficult type is the hidden schemer and experimenter. Alas, quite common. Such women like to write anonymous letters, to join groups of secret haters, pursuing victims in social networks, but they are more likely to experiment with friends, relatives and acquaintances. Gently and almost imperceptibly, they convey unguarded words from person to person, reveal other people’s secrets, interfere with the truth with a lie and push them to rash actions. Sometimes they even write denunciations – to work, to the guardianship authorities, the police. People are surprisingly easy to quarrel.

But if the overwhelming majority of people avoid this in every way, then an schemer enjoys the process – this is her way of feeling power and control. Having entered into a relationship, she usually begins with excitement to tear down the ties around her chosen one, who often cannot understand for years why all his friends had fought to the death. True, if you do not ignore the chatter of a girl about your mutual friends, but still listen to what she says, and even provoke her to speak more and more frankly, you can hear warning signals much earlier.

Not to be confused with a girl who just likes to discuss the people around her – with you or friends (that is, with almost any girl, they all love it). But at the same time, a normal girl seeks to find compromises in any situation, and not to aggravate conflicts.

And one more characteristic moment: usually the type of schemer concentrates on only one goal and harass it in all possible ways, turning it into a kind of outcast in your circle, and, having only destroyed it, is taken for another – just as planned and purposeful. But the usual talkers and gossip talk about people behind their backs.

By Cindy
February 28, 2019

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