Run away from these women!(Part 1)

Of course, we are talking only about relationships, not about one-time adventures. Recognizing a woman fraught with big troubles is not so simple: the most immaculately moral and noble beauty can bring a dowry from a huge bag of problems. But there are several types of women that are definitely worth running.

Do not learn from your bitter mistakes, learn from others – sweet ones. Realizing who you are dealing with – run. Well, or do not run, but then do not be surprised.


The easiest way to meet her – in social networks. She’s crying and crying there. And makes it beautiful! Here is a branch of an apple tree on a sunset background. Here is a rose with dew drops. Here is a photo of a leg in a bandage. Beautiful leg … And you are already packing oranges and analgesics, you are looking for doctors’ phones, you come to repair the pipe – and you get acquainted with the charming creation personally. These girls are very sweet, but communication with her really sucks: the more effort, time and money you spend on the poor thing, the more you feel responsible for her. But she does not feel anything like that. She knows for sure that everything she needs will be brought to her. But she physically cannot share, cooperate or show responsibility and independence. However, even the most heroic men eventually get a little tired of the role of a nurse and personal chauffeur with a large wallet. But as soon as you begin to rebel you will turn from a noble savior into the last bastard, another black spot on the heavy biography of the beauty, about which she will tell terrible stories to her next knights.

Not to be confused with those girls who are really in a difficult situation. If the number of tragic stories about the life of a girl has so far been quite moderate, you can safely go for oranges.


Sleeping with her is as easy as sneezing. No, not because she needs sex, but … well, it just happened. You wanted to, and it is not difficult for her to make a person happy, and indeed everything was fun and cute – what is there to say? It will be much more difficult to get completely different things from her: so that she doesn’t be late for meetings, do not forget about what you have agreed, don’t take your car, machine, money, don’t hand out your things to an accidental friend, do not sleep with all your friends. Girls of this type are extremely pleasant for short-term meetings, but for more or less established relationships, they acquire exceptional destructive power. They are not evil, not insidious, not even false – on the contrary, hellishly innocent. And this is the worst. Something they resemble cats – the most irresponsible creatures on the planet. Nothing in the world can embarrass them or make them think about the consequences of their words and deeds. Usually they are cheerful, gentle, easy to talk to. And it is not their fault that the trail of scandals, scenes and devastation is forever behind them.

Not to be confused with easy and irresponsible intellectual students, who often behave very much in terms of ease of communication and general simplicity, but at the same time they know how to keep their mouths shut and unexpectedly turn out to be owners of a wide baggage of hard beliefs. For example, they do not sleep with husbands of girlfriends and even under torture they will not tell a secret.


With you she is sweet. Because you are a miracle, charm and practically a god. No, you are really an angel. Especially against those who were before you. Exceptionally harsh comments about her ex – the first bell, which should alert you immediately. Then the circle will expand. It turns out that there are a lot of bad people in general. Take, for example, friends … Yes, she has a kind of friend, but you can see what unpleasant personalities they are. However, your friends, to be honest, are no better. You are so generous, kind, you just do not see how they are pushing you around and using you. In the end, it turns out that no one can be trusted, you are two bright people, and everyone is against you.

Unfortunately, in modern society, this model, when it works, is extremely inefficient and harms both partners. If you get into this strange and unpleasant world for two, you can very seriously lose your connections, quarrel with your loved ones, lose everybody and ultimately get hold of high-quality depression. However, more often the second partner runs back to the world of good friends and normal people.

Not to be confused with an unrestrained gossip girl who likes to grumble at others, but in reality she is capable of friendship, help, and warm feelings for those who are so often scolded.

Continued in the next post.

By Cindy
February 27, 2019

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