4 easy romantic deeds

How to become a romantic, without putting to this effort (and money)!

Present her a book

Basically, any more or less shabby book that you find at home will do. The main thing is that you were able to reliably associate the story from your childhood with this book. The girls generally have reverent attitude to the childhood of men. The girls believe that if a man shares with them a part of his past, he thus proposes to share his future. So, if you have a volume of Marx with which your classmate beat you in fourth grade, fine.

Play musical instrument

We all at one stage or another of life passed through the doors of a music school. And it doesn’t matter that all that you remember from those troubled years is how to play a dog waltz. The main thing is to sit down one evening in front of a girl, look into her eyes penetratingly and say: “I have never played to anyone before.” And to play something. Of course, the best will be the piano. But domra is also suitable.

Carry the girl over the puddle

All you need for this is a girl, a puddle, rubber boots, a minimal set of muscles. The main thing, seeing a puddle, no doubt. And do not ask! Almost every girl considers herself outrageously fat, and the thought that her man finds out about it (for example, by holding her in your arms) can bring her to hysterics and cries: “No, do not touch me! Call the police, I do not know this man! ”So act quickly and without delay. And, probably, it is not necessary to warn you that it is necessary to carry the girl easily and naturally, without heavy sighs and comments: “Yes, you are not a bit of fluff …”

Meet her before work

This point is relevant for those who have not yet folded a toothbrush on the altar of living together. Admit it, there is nothing romantic about leaving the house ten minutes before the girl and waiting for her in the icy morning yard. But if the girl did not expect to see you, there will be a surprise. Especially if you guess to bring hot coffee with you. By the time the girl leaves the house, it will just become pleasantly warm. By the way, at the same time check the girl’s feelings. It is impossible to forge sincere joy in the morning.

By Cindy
February 26, 2019

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