Things that women like, although they say no

1. Money

Money is the energy with which you can control reality, changing it as if by magic. Sandals from dermatins have just been, and now – louboutins. Just instead of a coachman, there was a rat, and now the pumpkin has turned into a pretty car.

Women love wizards. (And yes, you should not be afraid that she loves not you, but your money. She just perceives them as your superpower.)

2. When looking back at her in the street

Of course, it all depends on the mood, the weather, on who looked back, how exactly he looked back and how big and nasty his mustache was. But if you want to see a truly unhappy beauty, you will have to wait for the day when she, smart and confident, will walk down the street, and all the counter men will look at her as an empty space.

3. Fights in her honour

Then she will tell you what a fool you were, that disputes should be solved in words, and that it was terrible, dangerous and disgusting. If the battles begin too quickly after your acquaintance or happen too often, she may leave you, because women, especially smart ones, are afraid of aggressive and scandalous types.

But at the moment of the fight itself, a moment of dense, primitive, adrenaline delight will inevitably happen to her. And the next fifty years, she will pleasantly recall in conversations with her friends how this crazy man broke nose of another crazy man in her honour.

4. Men’s beauty

It seems that with the advent of the Internet, the myth that the eyes of women do not participate in the love should have come to naught: there are too many divorced sites where ladies discuss endlessly who have bluer eyes and curlier hair. Nevertheless, there are a lot of citizens who sincerely believe that women do not care what form of nose grows on the face of their beloved.

The only thing that justifies such a delusion is that women are evolutionarily oriented towards the preservation of genetic diversity in the population, therefore their standards of attractiveness are much more democratic than those of men. That is, even a very ugly woman can easily attract a man for casual sex, but formally an ugly man is easier to appear attractive in the eyes of a certain percentage of women.

5. When you do something better than her.

To win a game, show her how real masters cut onions (without tears and transparent slices), rewrite a clumsy resume in human language – do not be afraid to show that you are smarter, stronger, faster and in all respects cooler. (Do not even think of saying this phrase out loud.) Women are not like you.

Men are acutely aware of their defeats, especially if they are superior to their own woman. Of course, she, too, can temporarily get angry and sulk. But she will not be able to really worry about the fact that her partner is a winner and a champion: biological programs will not allow. After all, these biological programs for millions of years have taught girls to choose the champions as their partners.

By Cindy
February 25, 2019

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