How to get the girl back? (Part 3)

8) Now when you croon her, it’s time to disappear from her sight. Yes Yes! No calls, SMS, meetings. No reminder of your identity. I advise you at this stage to forget the girl for at least a couple of days.

And what next? And then you yourself will understand everything. If she will call you first then you can say with 95% certainty that you managed to get your “happiness” back. Well, if not, then perhaps before further vain attempts, you should just sit down and think hard if it is worth it climb on the embrasure? Is it worth being humiliated? Is she worthy of you? Think and see who you have become. Do you like yourself like that?

It is important to understand one thing. If a girl really felt (feels) some feelings for you + if you really made the right conclusions and work on the mistakes, then she will hardly want to give you another one. Indeed, in the depths of your soul, you are for her the most dear and beloved, who fought for her, who gave 101 roses to her birthdays, having entered through the balcony, who knows all her whims and secrets. You just managed to hide this “good guy” behind the back of the “bad” who did not notice the new haircut, who often couldn’t listen or share his problems, who rarely gave presents and didn’t support in a difficult moment …

If this is so, and you are ready to “turn the mountains” for the sake of your beloved girl, if you are able to radically change and understand that these sacrifices are nothing compared to the irresistible desire to be with her, then I am sure that you will succeed ! But remember, we women are perfectly able to recognize the false and distinguish the desired from the real!

And yet, once again, I want to shake your resolve a little. Before you ask the question “How to get the girl back?” Think 100 times, and you need it ?! You will be surprised that the overwhelming majority of your friends will say to you in one voice, “It’s not worth stepping on the same rake and entering the same river twice!” And they will be right in their own way.

Life goes on and you will definitely meet the one and only, which will adore you and with which you will have everything differently, perhaps not as it was with this one, which you are trying to return today. Perhaps without the same passion, quarrels and passionate hugs in the back of a taxi. Perhaps without these sleepless nights spent under her windows, waiting for her. But believe me, this is all just a minute weakness, which breaks your brain and gives you this horrible installation “get her back, because she’s the best and you’ll never find the second one again”. Nonsense, lies, lies!

You will find not only better, but much better, and most importantly – worthy of you and which you will deserve. Do not let your inner voice make you an impotent paranoiac with fix ideas.

In any case, you decide the best option for you and I have no right to advise you, as each of us chooses his own path. But remember, I warned you 🙂

How to get the girl back?

By Cindy
February 24, 2019

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