How to get the girl back? (Part 2)

3) Now that you know the exact reasons for the breakup, when you overcame yourself (stopped being jealous, super-playboy, greedy, indifferent, devoid of a sense of humor, evil, etc.), you need to find a pretext, and best of all organize a casual friendly meeting. Not for me to tell you how this is done.

It is important to remember that at the meeting – no questions, requests and humiliation !! Remember, you are a completely different person, and she must understand this without your help !!! No hints that, they say, you have changed and become so she has dreamed all her life. No! She herself should come to this, and in this case you may be successful in your quest to return your girlfriend. In addition, do not let the weak, and say, “I can not live without you,” and like this. This will only exacerbate your difficult situation, and once again flatter our female ego. On the contrary, show that you are not at all so bad (without fanaticism), that life goes on and you look with optimism at tomorrow …

4) You are a self-confident, ambitious, attractive young man who has ambitious plans, who is not used to retreat and who has a wonderful sense of humor! Not? You are not like that? Well, you have to work on yourself. Or did you think that everything is so simple? No, really. To return the girl is an arch-complicated case, because you will have to redo yourself, and this, alas, is subject to the units! After all, you will have to remain so – convenient for her ALWAYS! Can you give up your interests? Can, if necessary, trample your ego in the dirt? If so, go ahead.

5) Arrange 2-3 such spontaneous meetings, constantly emphasizing that you are a person from point 4! Let your replies skip your remarks, saying, “But you know, I just now realized that jealousy is nonsense and if a person loves you, then there is no reason to doubt him” or “how funny it is to remember how indifferent I was”. But say it in such a way that it is not played out, thus showing that your past relationship was a great lesson for you for the future, for your next serious relationship. Oh, how women it jars and makes us wonder if we have made a mistake by parting with such a man.

6) Be sure to note the moment that you are thankful for the fact that you once were together, that you have taken a lot from this not entirely successful experience and that you DO NOT regret anything! (Although, of course, you regret it ). Not logical? Wait, now I will give you one more – more illogical at first sight advice

7) Inadvertently, say that they say you are planning a new serious relationship with an excellent girl. Of course, you are not sure that you are ready for this relationship, because you have not completely recovered from the recent separation, but you think that it’s worth a try.

Absurd, you say? Not really. We are women, for the most part, so arranged that the mere mention of a rival (even if it is a question of an ex-boyfriend) causes us to be slightly confused, gradually turning into frenzy. If you thought that egoism was not peculiar to women, then you were mistaken.

So, once again I urge you to think carefully before you get involved in this adventure. But if you finally and irrevocably decided on this – I will describe the final points of the plan in the next post.

By Cindy
February 23, 2019

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