How to get the girl back? (Part 1)

Today I decided to share with you my views on the eternal question – “How to get the girl? back”. Unfortunately, unlike beautiful films with a happy ending, in our daily life not everything is as smooth as we would like. And the relationship between a man and a woman is no exception.

Very often, we do not think about the deplorable consequences to which our rash acts can lead, and then we bite our nails and in every possible way try to return our beloved girlfriend or boyfriend. But not necessarily some actions can cause a break in relations, often the reason for parting is something that lasts a long time, overflowing the cup of patience of one of the partners eventually resulting in such a deplorable result. I would like to dedicate a few words to this situation today.

So what do we have? And we have the following sad fact – you still broke up, and your girlfriend initiated the break (otherwise you would not try to return her). There are two options.

1) The girl explained the reason for the break up.

2) She just abruptly broke off all sorts of relationships with you without any explanation (as a rule, she has a new young man, or she wants to radically change something in her personal life).

Although, to be honest, the second option is a special case of the first. In other words, nothing just happens! Apparently, as it is not regrettable to admit, you turned out to be not quite the person she would like to see next to her. But the fact remains. You broke up and you want to return your girl!

Let’s try to figure out what to do and how to return the old relationship (if at all possible). I warn you right away that the getting the girl back is a very, very difficult and ungrateful business, because you will have to sacrifice your “I” in many ways, you will have to work a lot on yourself, but most importantly, even if you succeed in changing, you will be obliged to remain like that ALWAYS while you are together.

It is important to understand the meaning of what you need to do to get your beloved back, can be described in one phrase – “You must become the kind of man she would like to see next to her”.

So, this is what I would advise you to do first:

  1. You must understand the reason for breaking the bond of love (for example: you chase her; you were indifferent; you took her out with your jealousy or vice versa, you gave her a lot of reasons for jealousy; you were not serious about her; she wanted something from you more than you could give her at that time …) Here, nobody knows the situation better than you. Therefore, sit down and quietly slowly (such cases are not done in one swoop), taking a sheet of paper and a pen, write a complete list of what you think (in her) opinion was the reason for your break. Do not be afraid to write a lot, it is all of paramount importance. Remember, surely she often mentioned something like “enough to be jealous of everyone I meet”, “you spend little with me time ”or in the end“ you don’t love me! ”. But you did not hear it, or rather did not want to hear. It was just uncomfortable for you. And now the hour of redemption has come.
  2. Some of you must radically change and this someone – YOU! After all, you decided to get the girl back. And now the most important and most difficult moment is to make work on the bugs. First of all, you must understand whether you can correct or be able to accept the reason for your separation. Of course, the most convenient and simplest option would be a simple mutual discussion of all the nuances, but, unfortunately, this is extremely rare, therefore, this is not our case and we will not dwell on it.

So, we will begin to act with these points. The main thing – no hurry, analyze yourself and tomorrow I will tell about the next stages of the return of your woman.

By Cindy
February 22, 2019

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