Male deeds which horrify girls

The post will be about the very beginning of your relationship, about the period when you are just starting to get to know each other. You want to be the most romantic guy on the planet and it seems to you that you are doing cute and gallant acts, and they seem to your girlfriend simply frightening!

You add her in all social networks

Suppose you are friends on Facebook. That’s enough. There’s no need to add her in Twitter and Instagram, even if she posts breathtaking photos of her cat. Having found the fifth request from you in a day, the girl will think that you are either a desperate lover, or a crazy pursuer.

Slice food on her plate

It seems to you that you take care of the girl by breaking up her boiled asparagus into small pieces, or you just want to try out your new Swiss army knife in action – it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that from such a charming, in your opinion, act, the girl will decide that you take her for an unreasonable child who is better not to trust the knife.

Endless talks about your best friend

Suppose you are friends with a girl named, for example, Kim. And she’s great! No, really! She changes four wheels while the cigar is burning, can play poker all night long and always lends you her new skateboard so that you have a chance to fall and tuck your foot. So be it. But, believe me, the constant mention of another woman, no matter how innocent your relationship may be, does not please your new passion.

You put your hand on the girl’s neck

Probably, such a gesture to you – you go, and you put your hand on the girl’s neck (notice, not on the throat, but on the neck!) – it seems sensual. And convenient: so you immediately tell others that this girl with the neck belongs to you. But, believe me, just having never heard of emancipation or domestic violence girl will agree to be walking this way. The other will hasten to dodge the newly-minted possessive hand on her neck.

Overdoing with compliments

Of course, we girls (in this case, I can confidently speak for everyone), we adore compliments. But even we are alarmed when you have time to praise our hair 23 times for five minutes, admire our legs 16 times and suffocate 21 times at the sight of earlobes. If a girl does not consider herself beautiful, she will think that you are trying to get her confidence in her in the most primitive way; if she is beautiful – decides that you value in her only appearance and not trying to make out her soul. In both cases, this is your fault. Dose compliments.

Too early introduce her to your parents.

Save your parents on the day when your relationship with a greater degree of confidence can be called serious (and this is at least a couple of months after they met).

Write a “random” message

Getting in touch at the beginning of a relationship is not easy, and sometimes the game is delayed. And then there is the temptation to write a girl like as by accident. You did not want to write to her, but to a friend. Not even a friend! Oh, Kim! But somehow I made a mistake. By the way, how are you, what are your plans for the evening? 🙂

Please never do that. “Random” messages do not happen. Even if they are random, from the point of view of the unconscious they are not accidental (any psychologist will tell you this). It’s better to just call – this is a man’s act and your lady will surely appreciate such a thing.

By Cindy
February 20, 2019

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