Who is a henpecked man?

I think I should not write about how this concept is deciphered. From time immemorial henpecked are a disgrace of the male species. Even in those distant times, called the “Stone Age”, when a man with a baton was the undisputed leader in the emerging society, where male physical strength was the only argument in controversial situations, those pseudo men who were ready to beat themselves with the same baton on the head were born women’s whim. I think that the formation of the henpecked class began due to several factors:

1. Full female control of the arrangement of housing and life, when the woman began to adjust everything in the house in her own way, while the man spent most of his time in search of food. This fact has played a big role, since it was here that the women’s love for various kinds of scum was formed, which they used as decorations for themselves and loved ones – pebbles, shells, animal skins, fur, and so on. Already there was a womanly trick, when disguising all these things for supposed necessities for the home and family, women imposed the booty of all this on men. There was a clear opinion that a man must always get something and give it to a woman;

2. Greater communicability of women by nature. This very “man with a baton” who didn’t need a large vocabulary while hunting, simply had no choice but to leave disputes with a woman who spent days in the settlement, chatting and gossiping. And for this we needed a huge vocabulary.

Now we will draw parallels of the above on the modern henpecked:

In the first place, the henpecked one actually gives up all of his own on female scammers: rings, earrings, a million outfits, and so on. Secondly, he is silent and does not argue with a woman. This is especially evident in a henpecked husband.

Is every man a henpecked?

There is an opinion that any man is a henpecked, though each in its own way. And here it is important to be able to separate the concept of henpecked and the ability to concede.

Often these henpecked laugh at a normal man who made his wife an expensive gift, shouting that they did not do anything like this for a girl. But if you drop deeper, it is easy to see that their wives themselves are making gifts for themselves, taking into their own hands the entire family budget.

I want to say that you need to do something nice for woman, but at the same time competently managing and controlling the budget. You can not spend the last money on women’s whims. Yes, not even the last, I would say that spending on a woman every time more than on yourself means to approach the henpecked camp. Even if you are a simple man who doesn’t need anything special, you must find a hobby. Take the same fishing trip. Today there are so many different expensive gear and accessories. Spend on yourself!

I hope none of you have recognized yourself in the article.

By Cindy
February 18, 2019

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