How to stop being jealous of a girl

Jealousy is a feeling familiar to everyone. Sometimes it only strengthens the passion, but sometimes it can destroy the relationship. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to understand the causes of jealousy and learn how to deal with it.

Why men are jealous of women

• In the image and likeness. Men are polygamous. And so they subconsciously believe that women are the same. However, studies show that most women are not inclined to change. And by their nature, and due to the millennia of established social foundations.

•  Diffidence. All people compare themselves to others. If it seems to you that other men are prettier and more successful, you begin to fear that the girl will prefer them. Indeed, women love successful guys. However, if you are currently inferior in something else, this does not mean that you need to give up. Purposefulness is another quality that girls appreciate. If you develop, improve and actively go to your goal, she will appreciate it.

• Dissatisfaction with life. Attempt to write off their own failures to others, search for those guilty in the environment, instead of trying to change themselves. Against this background, there is a desire to assert itself at the expense of the girl. Show who is stronger, who is the boss. The selfishness of the owner, the spirit of rivalry, translates into a constant demonstration of the girl’s belonging to a man, like things.

• Excessive imagination. That is what makes an insecure man invent pessimistic options. And betrayal seems worse than death. Night, but she is not at home. Think about whether to endanger your relationship for the sake of empty fantasies.

How to get rid of jealousy

If you do not suffer from pathological jealousy (this is the work of a psychiatrist), you probably will benefit from a number of tips.

  • Self development. There are no perfect people. The girl has already chosen you from the crowd for quite certain positive qualities. Develop them in yourself, be it the “golden hands of the master”, or the ability to prove the Fermat theorem. Self-esteem can be enhanced only by long work on yourself.
  • Hobbies. Women should not be the only source of pleasure. Find new, interesting hobby, passion. For example, you can do sports.
  • Communication with other girls. The more you communicate with other girls, the less you will focus on one single. Thus, it is possible to lower the value of relations with her and overcome jealousy. However, do not cheat. Any relationship should be built, first of all, on trust.
  • Diversity. Make the girl original surprises more often. Arrange unexpected dates in unusual places. Do not forget to tell the girl beautiful compliments.

If you become for her the best man, then all reasons for jealousy will disappear and you will be able to trust her completely.

By Cindy
February 17, 2019

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