Why do women cheat on men?

At all times, it was considered a woman to be a keeper of the hearth, created for the family, raising children and monogamous in nature. But this does not mean that they are not able to cheat. I propose to consider the reasons that push women to treason and what are the options.

Let’s be honest. It often happens that girls start to cheat because of money. Yes, yes, because of the money! There is nothing surprising, since many women love money no less than their permanent man. And it often happens that many men are not able to pay for an expensive fur coat, a trip to Italy for a fashion show, the Maldives or another. Therefore, “as always on time” there are rich generous men who are ready to take care of them. But men should remember that the usual sincere care and attention can often save your relationship.

Rarely, but there are treason for the sake of career. How does this happen? Basically, this happens when a girl, having a normal, prestigious job, receiving a decent salary, becomes a victim of unequivocal hints and courtship from her boss. And sooner or later, the girl is left with two choices: either quit or sacrifice her body and principles. Although some of them, even on such a ground, may fall in love.

Also, girls can change just out of revenge on a man for his “adventures”. Therefore, it is not necessary to say compliments to her friends, especially in her presence, you should not tell everyone about your sexual exploits with others. Very often you will not have time to notice how everything will happen, and that the worst thing is everyone will know about it, except you.

Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the main reasons why a woman cheats. After all, men are so inattentive to the interests and preferences of their loved ones. They are not interested in what excites a woman, what poses she prefers, where she prefers to make love, what she doesn’t like about you. And then by chance you can hear the conversation: “He is a good, reliable man, in general, everything in him is good, but in bed …”

And, probably, the most common case, of course, when a woman simply picks up alcohol in a bar. A familiar story? Here, as always, there is a guy, or a man in a beautiful suit, who brings her home. And then the woman just melts in his arms, and it is too late to do anything. But the reason may be a banal lack of attention on your part.

This is not the whole list of reasons why a woman goes to treason. These examples are considered only to ensure that men will become more attentive to their loved ones and sometimes sacrifice work and their personal time for them, not forgetting to give love and warmth.

By Cindy
February 16, 2019

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