10 tips on “how to make a girl fall in love with you”

Today i want to share super secret information with you, namely, to give 10 tips “ how to make a girl fall in love with you ”. You remember that i am also a woman, which means, like no other, i know perfectly well that it is we, women, who need to “lose their minds” and fall in love in one of you.

How to make a girl fall in love with you

So, let’s go directly to the tips, how to seduce and fall in love with a girl.

Tip # 1

Be yourself.

First and foremost – be yourself!

For some reason, most of the men, in an attempt to fall in love with a girl, begin to pretend to be such supermen. What for? After all, sooner or later, you will relax and your true “i” will come out. And the girl (whom you wanted to fall in love with you) will see in front of you a completely different man. And you think she will like it? Not sure.

Tip # 2

Be self-confident.

An integral factor in the seduction of a girl is aboslute self-confidence. Women love self-confident (and even a little arrogant) guys. Judge for yourself who needs an unsure man. It even sounds somehow unnatural. You’re a man, which means – leader, and where have you seen insecure leaders?

So, tip # 2 – “if you want to make the girl fall in love with you – be self-confident”.

Tip # 3

Do not chase her.

Remember: your goal is her chase, not vice versa. Because you want to make her fall in love with you, which means that it is you who must be for her – the ultimate dream, therefore, be slightly inaccessible.

Tip # 4

Know her weak points.

You have to know her weak points (favorite movies, books, desired gifts, tastes and preferences) and play with them. I want to say that this knowledge will help you to please the girl, which means to take another small step in order to make her fall in love. Believe me, not many men are able to please women. And we really appreciate it!

Tip # 5

Be generous.

Now many of you will be sincerely indignant, but this advice is extremely important, if you really, seriously conceived to make her fall in love!

So, tip # 5 – “be generous”. No, i do not mean – the purchase of diamonds, houses, cars and yachts. Not! I mean the absence of trivial greed.

Of course, if you see that a woman is trying in every way to get another present out of you, then perhaps you and her are unsuitable in so many ways. But if you invited a girl to a restaurant (even if she invites you), then please …

In general, “if you want to make a girl fall in love with you – be geneous (to the extent)”.

Tip # 6

Be her authority.

Strive to be her authority! Figuratively speaking – become the second dad for her. If you succeed, congratulations, you are half way to your cherished goal!

Tip # 7

Hit with women.

The main thing is not to go too far. She should be firmly aware that she is for you – always on the first place. But, if she sees that you are an object of desires (unanswered) of other ladies, then this will only strengthen her attraction (and maybe feelings) to you. But when you are with her – you should be the most gentle, affectionate and romantic, because what woman does not like tenderness, affection and romance?

Tip # 8

Do not give in to training.

Men, who easily agree with everything, who go by women, are not attractive. Girls fall in love with wayward, with a strong character, so called – wild cats. Remember this! Be able to stand up for yourself and your opinion. But again, “stubborn mule” (sorry for such a rough comparison) – beat off all interest. Be steadfast and sane.

Tip # 9

Be independent.

Be independent (make your own decisions). Never show your dependence on her! Never! Even if you can not live without her for an hour (i think this is love). I will tell you more, from time to time disappear from her sight. Also do not show that you are addicted to someone or something (parents, friends, work, etc.).

So – be independent”

Tip # 10

Be a life of the party.

Be a “ life of the party ”! Girls love funny, energetic, interesting young people. And if you are the “ life of the party ”, then you are a cherished goal for her. Damn nice to take possession of those whom everyone loves. Ego however!

Guys, boys, men! If you are able to follow all 10 tips, then you can easily make to fall in love almost any girl.

By Cindy
February 15, 2019

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